An apprenticeship is where you learn, work and earn a wage at the same time. Learning on-the-job skills, in the real workplace whilst attending college or university on day or block release to learn the technical side of things. 

Completing your apprenticeship will include gaining national accredited qualifications, qualifying with hands on experience, a guaranteed job and zero student debt.

Below, you can see the apprenticeship opportunities we have supported over the years, as well as an opportunity to learn more about our past and present apprentices and why they chose this route.

Apprenticeship Opportunities


Site Engineer


General Operator


Plant Operator


Site Manager

Past & Present Apprentices

Compliance Manager (Former Trainee)

Rheanna Urquhart

Quantity Surveyor (Former Trainee)

Grant Munro

Site Engineer (Former Trainee)

Jack Skinner

Site Engineer (Former Trainee)

Connor Smith

Site Engineer (Former Trainee)

Ewan Millar

Plant Operator (Former Trainee)

Jake MacDonald

Quantity Surveyor (Former Trainee)

Karen Lawrie

Trainee Site Manager

Scott Stewart

Apprentice Site Engineer

Fraser Roy