Energy & Renewables

Tummel Bridge Power Station

Tummel Bridge Power Station is currently undergoing an extensive refurbishment and upgrade to remain an essential part of SSE Renewables energy infrastructure and Net Zero ambitions.

Advanced works began in Summer 2021 ahead of the main refurbishment in Spring 2022. This involved dismantling of the existing hydroelectric plant which had been operational since 1933, before construction commenced with rock dowelling, reinforced concrete works, and structural steelwork to prepare the Power Station for an SSER's subcontractor to arrive and start installing the first phase of the new mechanical electrical plant equipment. 

Upgrades were also made to the two existing penstock flanges within the building to accommodate the new MIVs, along with new and upgraded Mechanical & Electrical works to meet modern standards. Simultaneously, builder work and joinery work were upgraded.

The installation of two bespoke turbines and generators, designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned by an SSER subcontractor, has progressed safely and successfully, and has entered commissioning ahead of their imminent return to service.

The new energy-efficient turbines at Tummel Bridge Power Station will increase the power station’s megawatt capacity, secure long term reliable renewable energy and contribute towards SSE Renewable’s NetZero ambitions for generations to come.

£9.5 Million Revenue

2100m3 Concrete

200 Tonne Steel Reinforcement

Commissioning phase expected to conclude by Summer 2024